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Open Call for Tourism SMEs

TourINN-Act publishes this Open Call for tourism SMEs registered in Italy, Romania, Greece, Spain, and Cyprus for the allocation at least 60 vouchers for the acquisition of digital tools and sustainable solutions. The benefited SMEs will be awarded a minimum voucher of EUR 5,000 and a maximum of EUR 10,000 (VAT excluded) to acquire innovative, digital, and sustainable solutions from the Catalogue of innovative solutions for Tourism SMEs.

Financial support for tourism SMEs covers up to EUR 10,000 (VAT excluded); any additional costs will be co-financed by the winning SMEs. The Catalogue comprises a wide range of innovative solutions, from suppliers based in Italy, Romania, Greece, Spain and Cyprus, which were carefully evaluated and selected by project partners through an Open Call for Suppliers procedure. SMEs will be able to find a wide range of solutions and select the best options according to their needs. The provision of vouchers will support tourism SMEs to move forward and become more competitive in terms of digitization, sustainability, and innovation, while facing the challenges of Covid-19, through:

  • Development of innovative solutions to improve tourism management and the tourism offer through cooperation within the tourism ecosystem.
  • Promotion of smart tourism practices that contribute to the greening of the industry.
  • Increased capacity and skills of SMEs to improve their use of new digital technologies, which will result in new business models in tourism.

In addition, the TourINN-Act project will have an online training program, accessible free of charge for all interested tourism SMEs; This program will be especially useful for managers and employees who want to improve their strategic knowledge about digital innovations and sustainable practices promoted by the project. In fact, the training program includes e-learning modules dedicated to digital strategies and innovative business models, marketing, and communication actions, and delves into the role of professionals responsible for implementing such practices.

An Open Innovation Seminar was held with the purpose of presenting the TourINN-Act project and this Open Call on March 30, 2023. Through the Seminar, the participants:

  • Obtained a broader vision of the new competitiveness factors derived from the use of digital technologies and sustainable practices thanks to the TourINN Roadmap on innovative and sustainable practices and the Catalog of digital solutions for the recovery of the sector.
  • Understood the main functionalities of the TourINN Platform and the resources available on it.
  • Learnt to familiarize themselves with the operation of bilateral meetings for the selection of available providers and services within the catalogue and the TourINN-Act Community.
  • Received guidance on how to submit applications to the open call, clarify any doubts and learn how to implement a successful open innovation plan;
  • Received information about the possible expected impacts on SMEs, providers and the entire tourism industry.

The Open Innovation Seminar, recordings and materials are available on the Tourinn-Act Resources section for consultation.

IMPORTANT: All applications to the open call for tourism SMEs must be made in English. Applications submitted in a language other than English will not be eligible.

The full new amended document of the TourINN-Open Call – updated in October – is available at the following link: TourINN-act Open Call for SMEs

Application Pack (Annexes required to submit the application):

Old versions: 
The Open Call for SMEs has ended. Thank you very much to all participating SMEs.